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Below are examples of our Nantucket rental car fleet. 
Click on picture for more vehicle details.


The Ford  Bronco is back.  Four Door, Full Size, Convertible with the Sasquach package!  Book Now! The hottest Nantucket Vehicle is only at Affordable Rentals!


The Jeep Gladiator is a four door five seat Pick Up from Jeep.  The Gladiator is a great car to bring a whole family to the beach with all of the Nantucket chairs, umbrellas and gear that you could want.   


The most popular and iconic Jeep Wrangler.  There are more Jeep Wranglers on Nantucket than any other car for good reason.  Seating for 5, Convertible, and Beach Capapble.  When you rent from Affordable Rentals you will get a new Jeep Wrangler with both beach permits that is ready to go on the beach and has a soft top.  We also have Beach Chairs, Umbrellas, and Coolers that you can add to your rental on site so you will not be without.  


Mini Cooper Convertible.  Small, great to park, fun to drive, and Convertible.  The Mini has 2 great front seats and two very small back seats.  The back seats are best suited for kids.  The Cooper is a great way to see the island and scoot around. 


The two seater smart.  The Smart Car is the perfect runabout for groceries, great parking, and fun.  If you only need two seats you cant beat the Smart for two.  


Four Seater BMW i3 electric.  The i3 is an excellent Nantucket Car.  With a range of about 200 miles the i3 can last a normal renter the whole week.  We have charging stations on the island and offer an exchange for a full battery car with a days notice.  Fun to drive and efficient the i3 has proven to be a hit for renters on Nantucket.  


You can add 2 Chairs and a cooler for 20 bucks a day.  Or you can add 4 chairs and a coller for 30 bucks a day.  Money well spent!